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New Years Resolutions 2013

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Happy Christmas! I know that's a bit late now but haven't had chance to post over Christmas - I have been rushed of my feet at work as it's our busiest time of year! I just love the buzz of Christmas though so I'm not complaining. So instead of doing a Christmas post I though I'd do a New Years post and with the New Year in sight I've been thinking about the New Year and what I want to achieve from it. I'm thinking having it wrote down might give me the motivation to actually do them? Here's hoping anyway....

1. Save for a deposit on a house -  Last year one of my resolutions was to save, not for anything in particular but just to save. This year I want to save for something specific and this is something me and my other half have spoken about a lot so it's only logic really.

2. Be more creative - this may seem quite random but I just mean in little doses, like pledging to do a new make up look every day so that every day isn't so everyday. Or instead of just going for a curry on a Friday night do something more spontaneous instead. This also applies to my blog! :)

3. Spend more 'me' time - This year has been my final year at university and its quite fair to say that it's been one tough old year and I'm glad that it's coming to an end! While at uni I wasn't able to spend time doing all the little things like pampering or read a book because i was constantly thinking 'I should be spending this time doing my dissertation/research/assignment/essay/anything else!'. So this year I pledge to spend more time on myself and do the things I like to do more.

4. Spend more time with Friends and Family - while I'm on the subject of spending time doing things for myself I would also like to spend more time with my nearest and dearest too. This year I haven't spent the kind of time that I would have liked to with some people and so in 2013 I'd like to make more time for them.

5. Be more organised - at uni I was organised I knew when things needed to be done and by how much, but since leaving I've become a little bit of a scatter brain!

6. Take more pictures - this is quite an easy one to achieve to be honest, but one I've been telling myself to do for ages! I can go on a whole night out and never take one picture and then I can go to the park and take loads, its weird! Anyway in 2013 I want to take more pictures so that I've always got the memories in pictures. And if not anything else it might get me to be a little bit better at photography!

7. Travel - there has been a few places on my 'must go to' list for a while and want to get them ticked off or at least starting to get them ticked off anyway! :) and some of them are not overseas or even out of my local city, some are just places in Leeds that I've been wanting to go to for a while and never got round to. This year I will. Mark my word :)

8. Stop procrastinating - stop putting off what you can do today tomorrow yada yada! You know the score on this one! I want to tie up all those little jobs, you know?

9. Charity work - There are a few charities close to my heart for personal reasons and this year I want to make more of an effort to do more for them. 

10. Run a marathon - Yes you read that correctly  I want to run a marathon (which kind of links into resolution number 9) before 2012 I hated running and would do anything but running but this year I've found a new love. Running a marathon is something I've really wanted to do but always said I want to be 100% ready to do so. Hopefully 2013 will be my marathon year :) or if not maybe half a marathon......

So there's my New Years resolutions... Some harder to achieve than others but I guess that's the challenge.. I hope I achieve them all

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and Santa completely spoilt everyone :) Has anyone else thought much about their New Years resolutions? 

Pictures: We Heart It

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Review: Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

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This is an item I regularly re purchase but when I last bought it I thought I'll do a review on this in case anyone else is thinking about getting it. In short. Buy it!

The shade I use is 'Medium Plus' and I am about a MAC NW25 but when I'm tan I use 'Medium Deep'. I honestly can't tell you how much I love this product, it's easy to pop in your handbag for touch ups, great for finishing off your foundation and even looks great on its own for a light coverage look.

In the second picture I've swatched it heavily so that you can see it against my hand. I usually use a large powder brush or sometimes use my MAC stippling brush either way they both give a great finish. I like to 'buff' it into my skin rather than just sweeping it on as I find the finish is nicer that way. 

This product will be perfect with people with a similar skin type as mine - combination oily - but as the finish is more creamy than powdery then I don't see why a drier skin type wouldn't get along with this product. The very driest of skin types might want to try this first as I know some people with very dry skin are a little wary of putting powders on their face. Another bonus for me is that this didn't make me break out (yey). I was a little worried when I first bought this product as previously to this I'd bought a foundation from MAC and broke out from it, so was a little cautious of MAC face products after that, but I shouldn't have worried at all cos it was absolutely fab! You could call it ab fab :)

MSF is £21.00 but it honestly lasts ages and I use it pretty regularly so I would say its worth the price. If you like setting your make up with a pressed powder this one is worth a shot, and if you've got a MAC counter close by, go and try it out. This is for anyone looking for that 'natural matte' finish rather than that awful powdery matte finish (yuck)

I will be showing pictures of this product plus the new foundation that I got at the same time on my face, so that you can see it in action :)


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I've been naughty and treated myself...


I mentioned last week that me and the Mr were going Christmas shopping at the weekend and of course I had to pick up a few goodies for myself (or let him pick up.......)

Apologies for the awful pictures, I'm having to take pictures on my iphone at the minute cos my boyfriends brothers run off with my camera lead (arghhhh) but he's back this weekend so they should will be better.

But anyway I bought myself this studded shoulder top from Miss Selfridge £37 because I've liked it for ages and actually bought it a while a go and took it back! Lol and then regretted taking it back so now it's forever mine! The other white top from Topshop is just a casual one I thought I'd get just because it was only £16.00 and thought it will do to throw on.

The boots are from Topshop also and I've been looking for some plain Chelsea boots for a while but didn't want anything too high as I have to wear heels everyday for work and wanted my poor feet to have a break.

The Yankee candle is 'Christmas cupcake' and smells good enough to eat mmm its so sweet and sickly I love it! My Boyfriend has the biggest sweet tooth you can imagine and he (surprise, surprise) picked this one.

Then I finally bought the sleep rollers I've been after them for agessss now and just thought get them Siobhan! A full review of them is to follow shortly too.

I also bought a new foundation - Laura Mercier silk creme (eek!) - and my MAC mineralized skin finish that I needed to replenish anyway. I'm really excited to try the Laura Mercier foundation and a full review will be happening once I've had chance to properly test run it and see what I really think. 

So that's everything I picked up for myself on the shopping trip! I really have to stop treating myself, I've told myself that in January I'm on a shopping ban - hmmm we'll see.... On the plus side 've managed to get just about all my Christmas shopping done - just a few more bits and bobs for the boyf and that's it whoop! Has anyone else finished or even started theirs yet?


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Review: VO5 Plump it up

VO5 Plump it up
Amplifying blow dry lotion

So I picked this up on offer the other day in Boots (it was on 2 for £5 at the time) and I wasn't expecting much from the product actually, baring in mind that the L'Oreal Professionel range did nothing to add volume to my hair. Now I have fine and flyaway hair that annoys the noodles out of me as it never does what I beg ask of it.

What they say:

'Hair feels thicker with healthy looking body.'
'Calms frizz, static and flyaways.'
'Builds body, holds your style'
'Helps protect hair against the damage caused by heated appliances.'

So did it work? Yes it did, to an extent, don't get me wrong one squirt didn't turn me into Bridget Bardot or anything but it put some life and body into my hair, more so than its predecessors have anyway!

My hair did feel thicker, and it did have more body than usual so it lived up to its first claim. In fact I would even go as far to say I was pleasantly surprised with this little gem. Static and frizz was reduced but I still needed to see to my ends but that's nothing new anyway. It did build body, however I wouldn't say it held my style in any particular way, but I did use hairspray afterwards so it didn't matter to me. The final claim  I couldn't really comment on as I have so far only used it the two times but here's hoping its protecting my tresses from the damage of heat appliances.

And aww bless it even gives you little style tips.... I'm a sucker for packaging. It smells nice too actually, if your not a fan of perfumed things you might not like this so much but I do.

Ooo and its all pretty and pink :) like I say I'm a sucker for packaging, even though it just gets plonked in my lotions and potions basket never to be seen...

This product is worth picking up if you have a similar problem with pesky flyaway hair as me. I cant speak for thicker, courser hair, in all honestly I don't think this would work for thicker hair, the hair might be too heavy, but if you have thick hair already you probably wouldn't be looking for something to thicken it (unless your greedy) so that last sentence was pointless lol... If your looking for a product I would recommend giving this a whirl first. I would buy again based on the results and the price is right :)

Does anyone else have any products that they think might be similar and that works for them? 

Speak soon 

Love Siobhan xxxx

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Look what the Cat dragged in......

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Bit of a quick post for you today which has actually turned out to be a bit of a Topshop haul. Didn't realise how much black I'd bought till I got home - which is seriously unusual for me. Me and my Friend Natalie went shopping on Tuesday and this is what I came home with...

Yes I know I've bought the same top in two different colours but I really couldn't decide which one to go for! I'm going to try them on and see which one looks best maybe - Or just keep them both!? Haha..

The playsuit looks lovely on as it's backless but cos I don't have much going on in the boob department so hate going bra less - might have to take a look at them stick on boob things? Has anyone else ever tried these? Any good?

The lace crop top I saw a while a go and sold out so when I saw it in store I didn't think twice and just grabbed it! Trying to think up outfits for it over Christmas...

The tube skirt was only £20 which I thought was a bit of a bargain  These can be dressed up or down so I guess this will come in handy over the Christmas period too :)

And I finally succumbed to the Naked palette (I'm so weak!) after telling myself ages ago I wasn't going to bother and just buy the sequel, but I couldn't help myself when I got there - I have to have both! Lol - so I've put the 2 on my wish list for the boyf to get for me for Xmas. I also bought the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, as I ran out a while a go and like to use it as a setting powder. I'll be added pictures shortly of looks I'll create with the Nakedness!

Me and the Mr are going Christmas shopping in Manchester this weekend so I can't wait to show you what I pick up while I'm there (for myself of course) I'm on the look our for some new heels and a new coat... 

Speak soon :)

Siobhan xx
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Kissable Lips... For the Winter Blues...


You know the score, its a windy day, it's cold, could be raining too. Feet are cold, hands are cold and to top it off your poor lips are chapped :(

That is where this post comes in, here I list my current lip saviours.

In no particular order...Of course :)

Korres Lip Butter £7.00

They say: 'A buttery lip balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny, tinted finish. The combination of Shea butter and rice wax offers deep hydration and softness. ideal for chapped lips.'

Do I agree? I surely do, the texture is simply divine and I would say that it leave my lips soft and for someone who is suffering from chapped lips its a mean feat! I have the Jasmine version but would like to add to my collection, if your not sure which one to get I would go for the Jasmine one as they are tinted and this one in particular doesn't add much colour. 

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm £2.69

Ahh Carmex I think most people are accustomed to this brand of Lip care by now and it is forever one of my favourite lip balms, especially the Cherry. I absolutely love the smell of it although I know not everyone does. I will tell you, it doesn't taste as good as it smells so don't try it. it also has an added SPF of 15 in there which is always a bonus, as the lips, along with the eyes, have the thinnest, most delicate skin than anywhere else on the body.

Dior Lip Glow £22.00

So I know this one is a bit steep price wise but honestly it is an investment that you wont regret. If like me, you want comfortable soft lips without compromising on a wash of colour then this little beauty is for you. Apply to your lips and watch in amazement as your lips turn a shade of pink that is personal to you. This 'color awakening lipbalm' as they put it, will last and is great if your going for the natural look one day.

Banana Boat Aloe Vera SPF 30 £3.99

This is a surprising entry for me also, I picked up this lip balm before I jetted off on my summer holidays, as I wanted a high protection for the lips that I could carry around all day, this one didn't  disappoint  I didn't burn my lips (Hurray!), lasted ages, and most surprisingly really kept my lips soft. So soft in fact, that I still have this in my handbag every day and still using well into the colder months. If your planning a little winter sun take this with you, and I'm confident you will use it on your return. Oh and it smells like lemon sherbet. Mmmm!

Lush Ultrabalm £8.25

This pot is huge and has lasted me for what seems like forever. I've used this thing for almost everything and anything, chapped lips, sunburn, paper cuts, take my make off (no, honestly I've done it once), cuticles, taming flyaways, tattoo moisturiser (It's been done), crazy brows. You name it. I wouldn't say it's the most moisturising balm out there, but it is a good protector, think of it as the natural Elizabeth Arden 8 hour protector. If you are a sufferer of dry, chapped lips or work outside, this is something that could work for you. I also love the fact that there is only three ingredients in this pot, those being: Organic Jojoba Oil, Candelilla wax (whatever that it) and Rose wax. That's it!

I expect to add to this list as I have just done a little online retail therapy and added into my basket yet another lip balm but I'll review that one as and when.

What are your favourites? I'm always ready to add to my collection so don't be shy

Siobhan xxx

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Review: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

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I have recently been using the Ole Henrickson Truth Serum after getting a deluxe sample size in a gift. I only use it on a night as underneath my current moisturiser, only reason for this that I don't use a serum throughout the day.

What they say:

'Like a daily vitamin for your face, this high powered vitamin C complex helps smooth out lines and wrinkles and prevents further damage. Loaded with antioxidants to fight off environmental aggressors and moisture-binding ingredients to keep your skin nourished and protected, Truth Serum - Collagen Booster is absorbed instantly and penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin to provide long term results. Sensitive skin prone to irritation will benefit immensely from the calming properties of this oil-free serum.'

What I think:

I can't speak so much for the lines and wrinkles, however I like the sound of it preventing further damage. The formula is apparently 'packed' full of vitamin C and antioxidants which is good for calming the skin and healing, which is what my skin really needs at the moment after a breakout! It certainly calmed redness associated with the breakouts so I was pretty chuffed with that. My skin felt calmer and dare I say it, nourished. I don't know weather it was the serum or the added moisturiser but my skin felt lovely the next day. I have been lazy on a few occasions and not bothered with the moisturiser and just plonked on the serum and I felt that this worked fine too.

The serum smells quite strongly of oranges (yummy!!), This may put some people off, so anyone sensitive
 to fragrance might want to test this product first before buying but personally I loved the smell and it didn't linger around any longer than it took for the product to absorb. I really am loving the smell of this product which is something I don't normally I'm face product, but it smelt good enough to eat. I'm having major Terry's chocolate Orange cravings at the moment though so that might be why? Gone off on one now so back to the product..... 

It has a pump dispenser (yey!) I'm a lover of pump dispensers, and comes in a glass bottle. The only problem with the pump dispenser is that sometimes the product kinds of 'crystalises' in the pump and shoots out after a hard push of the pump, but other than that its perfect, The pump doesn't pump out too much product and two pumps was enough for full face easily.

This formula is oil free and advertised as good for all skin types. I know some oils can cause irritation and breakouts to some skin types so this means most people will get on with this product pretty well, especially since you can add your moisturiser on top too. I have to say I'm pretty happy with this product so far and will continue to use the product till it finishes. Although I love it loads I'm yet to decide weather I will re purchase, mainly due to justifying spending £47 on a serum at the moment. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it! Ha... Or maybe I'm just being a cheapskate :)

If you have been looking to buy this product, then I would recommend this. It didn't cause any breakout, smoothed and gave me back some lustre :) It also calmed any irritation so I really can't fault this product at all.

Hope everyone is well :)

Siobhan xxx

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Party Time... My Work Christmas party...

Sunday Night was my works Christmas party and it has been the hot topic for weeks at work as to what to wear. This sent my mind into over drive I really didn't know what to wear at all. In the end I thought with it been Christmas and everything a bit of sparkle never goes a miss!

The party was great fun, we had a sit down three course meal which was lush. The theme was 80's so there was giant rubix cubes everywhere and disco ball galore. Not one person dressed up to the theme much to my pleasure, I'm not a fan of themed parties. 

Anyway thought I'd show what I've been getting up to over the weekend.....

Top - Petites Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Aldo
Bag - Topshop

So here's the outfit I finally settled on:

Yummy Chocolate thingy...

Butter swirls - I just liked the pattern lol

This one just makes me laugh - That's my manager walking up the stairs - catching us posing!

Me and Miss Katie :)

These were Beaut! Mmmm 

And after the cocktails:

Hmmm on the reception desk...

Something must have tickled me....

Mwah x

My only defence is that this was near the end of the night!!!

All in all I had such as fun night and it really has got me into the festive feeling now! Roll on Christmas day!
Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Anyone else got their Christmas parties coming up? Can't wait to hear about them :)

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Hello my names Siobhan and I love Winter. There. I've said it. For far too long I've been pretending that I don't when really, I truly do! Once you get out of the cold and rain there's lots to love about winter.

  1. X Factor - I know it's sad, but I love nothing more than to sit down on a Saturday night, with a cuppa, or glass of wine depending on what kind of night I'm planning for, and watch a bit of the X. I love getting angry that bad singers are being put through by the likes of Louis.  I love vowing I'll never watch another episode again, that the whole thing is a fix, to then next week sit down and do the whole thing again. This year I loved Ella and I'm so gutted she left on Sunday. I also love Jahmene, James Arthur and without a doubt Rylan! so pretty much all of them ha! 
  2. Rain drops - Who doesn't love the sound of rain dropping down when your inside all warm and cosy. However I do have to say its not so fun being out in the cold windy rain! 
  3. Winter make up - Oh yes! Winter is the perfect excuse to go ahead and buy that must have Lipstick/ Nail Varnish/ Blusher/ Whatever! Not that I ever needed an excuse. I've got plenty of posts lined up about recent purchases too that I'm going to be doing so watch this space in the next week.
  4. Talking of shopping - While buying that make up it would be rude not to pick up that new Autumn - Winter Coat/ Jeans/  Top/ Jumper/ Dress. Shopping for that new winter wardrobe is always something I look forward to.  
  5. New smells - I have a minor obsession with scented candles and usually get a little more excited than I should when buying such items, my fave at the mo? Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. It is a lovely warming scent which is perfect for them colder nights, I know these bad boys don't come cheap at £38.00 for 200G but I'm honestly hooked.
  6. Christmas parties - Getting all glammed up for the Christmas party be it for work or just the girls I love nothing more than a good old shindig. I still have to buy the outfit for my work do so I'm currently planning my perfect party outfit as I type! Multitasking I am!
  7. Christmas day - I couldn't write a post about Winter and not include Christmas, that wouldn't be right. Its not just the actual Day either that I love its the Chocolate countdown every day, (thank you advent calender!) buying presents for the nearest and dearest, mulled wine, Christmas lights, more shopping, Christmas food, German markets, I could go on but I won't. 
  8. German market - As previously mentioned I'm a sucker for the German market or anything similar really. Does anyone else have things like the German market in their City? I know us in Leeds have had it for the past few years now and I honestly look forward to it every year. I went this weekend and stuffed my face with a German sausage and chocolate marshmallows yum! 
  9. New Years Resolutions - I actually stuck to all mine last year for the first time (high five!). I'm already planning my next years resolutions, which is currently just sitting at 1) save up for Louboutins. Hmmm I'm not the best saver in the world so this is completely unrealistic.
  10. Cuddles - I love shopping as much as the next girl, probably more than most, but really the best things in life are free. A cuddle when your feeling cold, down and full of flu, a good ol' hug lifts up your spirits and makes you feel better instantly and since January 21st is officially National Hug day get embracing! Having said that, a pair of Louboutins would cheer me up too :)
So there you go a few of my favourite Winter things. I could go on but I would send you into hibernation and that's never a great thing.

Bye for now :)

Siobhan xxx
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