Party Time... My Work Christmas party...

Sunday Night was my works Christmas party and it has been the hot topic for weeks at work as to what to wear. This sent my mind into over drive I really didn't know what to wear at all. In the end I thought with it been Christmas and everything a bit of sparkle never goes a miss!

The party was great fun, we had a sit down three course meal which was lush. The theme was 80's so there was giant rubix cubes everywhere and disco ball galore. Not one person dressed up to the theme much to my pleasure, I'm not a fan of themed parties. 

Anyway thought I'd show what I've been getting up to over the weekend.....

Top - Petites Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Aldo
Bag - Topshop

So here's the outfit I finally settled on:

Yummy Chocolate thingy...

Butter swirls - I just liked the pattern lol

This one just makes me laugh - That's my manager walking up the stairs - catching us posing!

Me and Miss Katie :)

These were Beaut! Mmmm 

And after the cocktails:

Hmmm on the reception desk...

Something must have tickled me....

Mwah x

My only defence is that this was near the end of the night!!!

All in all I had such as fun night and it really has got me into the festive feeling now! Roll on Christmas day!
Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Anyone else got their Christmas parties coming up? Can't wait to hear about them :)

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    1. Thanks :) It was one of them rushed purchases that you make that turn out to be golden lol