New In: The Edit #5

Finally Summer looks like it's coming! Hurray! If your anything like me, it's sent me into a mini panic thinking I need to buy a whole new summer wardrobe, although that's not probably the case as lets face it a white t-shirt from last summer is a white t-shirt! But there's nothing wrong with picking up some Summer 'essentials' to add to your look :) Any way these are a few of my fave picks as of recent. 

You might know that I am pregnant which means that I can look at all the gorgeous Summer stuff but I am reluctant buying anything as I have no idea how long I will fit in it lol... However it doesn't stop me looking! 

1. White dress £45 - This is such a cute little dress I think it would be perfect for a Summer BBQ, or family gathering.

2.Maxi skirt £45 - Summer isn't Summer without a new maxi skirt! :)

3.White Wash Jeans £42 - I love these Jeans would look fab with a simple tee and a statement Blazer.

4. Yoke Maxi Dress £58 - this would look lovely in the Summer at a garden party or maybe a wedding.

5. Fringe and embroidered dress £40 - This is the perfect cover up for the beach and would look great when the sun goes down.


1. Forest Blur Print Tube Skirt £28 - This is such a good price, and would look great dressed up or down - the colours would look really good on holiday too.

2. Florescent Crop Cami Top £6 - Such a bargain  Would look great with shorts, jeans or even a high wasted skirt! Plus this is cute and little so would fold nicely in a suitcase if taking away on your jollies!

3. Strappy Step Hem Dress £42 - how gorgeous is this dress!? So simplistic and also in the colour of the Summer! I love this dress and think it would look so good on!

4. Diamonte Neck Playsuit £55 - I love a playsuit, I think they are so easy to wear and much more flattering for shorter gals than jumpsuits! This one would  look great dressed up in some killer heels, clutch and a cocktail in your hand...

5. Turquoise Textured Pencil Skirt £22 - Love the colour of this skirt and the split just adds to the look too! Wear with heels to make the most of your pins!

So just thought I'd leave it at that for now :) I'm getting too jealous that I wont be able to wear these lol! There will be more post like this to come soon too... What do you think? 

Siobhan xxx
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Lifestyle update: I'm expecting :)


This is just a quick little post to say I'm Pregnant! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might be already aware that me and my Mr are expecting out first offspring who will be due in December. Which makes me 14 weeks pregnant... It's so weird saying that! Lol...

I don't plan on doing pregnancy posts on here as of yet but I might have the odd thing here and there along the way, but only if its relevant. My current blog will stay the same as that's just the way I want to keep it, goodness knows if I'll merge the two one day but for now this blog will stay the same! :)

 I am however setting up a pregnancy blog. I wanted to have something that I can look back on over the years and maybe even show him/her in years to come.. Awww! 

The link to my Pregnancy blog is 

So if your interested in pregnancy then feel free to follow my pregnancy blog and don't be shy! Any advice will not be fallen on deaf ears I promise! 

Anyway back to business! Beauty blogging won't happen itself ;) 

Siobhan xxx
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