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Hello my names Siobhan and I love Winter. There. I've said it. For far too long I've been pretending that I don't when really, I truly do! Once you get out of the cold and rain there's lots to love about winter.

  1. X Factor - I know it's sad, but I love nothing more than to sit down on a Saturday night, with a cuppa, or glass of wine depending on what kind of night I'm planning for, and watch a bit of the X. I love getting angry that bad singers are being put through by the likes of Louis.  I love vowing I'll never watch another episode again, that the whole thing is a fix, to then next week sit down and do the whole thing again. This year I loved Ella and I'm so gutted she left on Sunday. I also love Jahmene, James Arthur and without a doubt Rylan! so pretty much all of them ha! 
  2. Rain drops - Who doesn't love the sound of rain dropping down when your inside all warm and cosy. However I do have to say its not so fun being out in the cold windy rain! 
  3. Winter make up - Oh yes! Winter is the perfect excuse to go ahead and buy that must have Lipstick/ Nail Varnish/ Blusher/ Whatever! Not that I ever needed an excuse. I've got plenty of posts lined up about recent purchases too that I'm going to be doing so watch this space in the next week.
  4. Talking of shopping - While buying that make up it would be rude not to pick up that new Autumn - Winter Coat/ Jeans/  Top/ Jumper/ Dress. Shopping for that new winter wardrobe is always something I look forward to.  
  5. New smells - I have a minor obsession with scented candles and usually get a little more excited than I should when buying such items, my fave at the mo? Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. It is a lovely warming scent which is perfect for them colder nights, I know these bad boys don't come cheap at £38.00 for 200G but I'm honestly hooked.
  6. Christmas parties - Getting all glammed up for the Christmas party be it for work or just the girls I love nothing more than a good old shindig. I still have to buy the outfit for my work do so I'm currently planning my perfect party outfit as I type! Multitasking I am!
  7. Christmas day - I couldn't write a post about Winter and not include Christmas, that wouldn't be right. Its not just the actual Day either that I love its the Chocolate countdown every day, (thank you advent calender!) buying presents for the nearest and dearest, mulled wine, Christmas lights, more shopping, Christmas food, German markets, I could go on but I won't. 
  8. German market - As previously mentioned I'm a sucker for the German market or anything similar really. Does anyone else have things like the German market in their City? I know us in Leeds have had it for the past few years now and I honestly look forward to it every year. I went this weekend and stuffed my face with a German sausage and chocolate marshmallows yum! 
  9. New Years Resolutions - I actually stuck to all mine last year for the first time (high five!). I'm already planning my next years resolutions, which is currently just sitting at 1) save up for Louboutins. Hmmm I'm not the best saver in the world so this is completely unrealistic.
  10. Cuddles - I love shopping as much as the next girl, probably more than most, but really the best things in life are free. A cuddle when your feeling cold, down and full of flu, a good ol' hug lifts up your spirits and makes you feel better instantly and since January 21st is officially National Hug day get embracing! Having said that, a pair of Louboutins would cheer me up too :)
So there you go a few of my favourite Winter things. I could go on but I would send you into hibernation and that's never a great thing.

Bye for now :)

Siobhan xxx
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