Review: Miracle Bump Creme and Oil*

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Miracle Bump contacted me a little while back and asked of I'd like to try their products and to be honest I jumped at the chance to try their products after looking into the company. Right from the beginning of my pregnancy I have being using products to avoid and minimise stretch marks so it was certainly something I wanted to be involved in! 

A few weeks later I was sent these two little beauties from Miracle Bump to try out and have been using them since. They were even featured in my recent faves post a while back here. They are designed with pregnant bellies in mind and claim to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

This picture was taken as soon as I got the parcel!
What they say:

'Our rich & velvety skin care range is designed to nourish and protect your skin during and post pregnancy. We have carefully designed the 'Miracle Bump Method' to ensure you know how to use our products to gain the best possible results. Our Mission is to Keep your body beautiful.'

The packaging of the samples I were sent are lovely and I couldn't wait to get started using them. I popped on the oil and balm immediately and was pleasantly surprised by the scent - white chocolate! - or at least that's what it smelt like to me anyway. I was in love at first smell! T

he consistency of the oil was divine, not too thick, or too thin and didn't leave a greasy film on my stomach either - in fact it felt almost dry oil like to me. I then slapped on the balm too and was immediately surprised by how thick and indulgent the consistency of the product was.

I have found that the balm worked best when warmed in the palm on my hand first and then applied in sweeping motions to the areas I wanted to. In the beginning I used both of these products mixed together and applied them to my thighs, hips, bump and boobs but since then I've changed to using the oil on my boobs only and the balm to my bump and hips and that's simply because I'm being stingy as its running out lol. 

The creme balm - you can see the ultra thick consistency here! Love..
The company ethics are to be admired and believe in only using the best ingredients possible and most importantly the purest. These products are fab for sensitive skins as they don't contain any nasties and therefore great for most pregnant woman as many will find their skin is more sensitive than usual. 

I have been known to suffer here and there with eczema and can say this didn't irritate it or worsen it, if anything I found it soothing and the balm worked well as a barrier cream between my skin and clothes too.

Did it work at preventing stretch marks I hear you ask? Well the honest answer is I don't know, I've used these and other products religiously from the beginning of my pregnancy so it would be hard to say what has worked and what hasn't however I would say I am impressed with the quality of the products, and purity of the products so would recommend them to any pregnant lady out there. The balm is thicker than any other cream I have used during pregnancy and a little really does go a long way. They are pricey products but you can't put a price on beautiful skin I guess lol.

The two products retail at:

Oil: £45 for 100mls 
Bump Creme: £50 200mls or £90 500mls

For a full list of their products please check their website out here 

Overall I think these are two fantastic products and if your looking to indulge in your pregnancy I would look no further.

 My friend has just found out that she is pregnant and I plan on buying her the creme and giving it to her at her baby shower, she is also a chocolate fanatic so I know she will love this! 

Has anyone else tried anything from Miracle Bump? What did you think of them? Or what did you use during your pregnancy? I'd love to hear...

Siobhan xxx
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