Yves Saint Laurent Teint Resist Long Wear Foundation Review

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Hey guys!

Thought I'd dive in and get started with this blogging and hope this review helps any one thinking about buying this!

Right first of all, my skin type is combination/oily and normally foundation needs 'topping up' throughout the day. I found this foundation really comfortable to wear, it didn't need topping up like others however I did need to powder my t-zone area in the afternoon, but still later than with other foundations. YSL describe this foundation as:

'The luminous, transfer-resistant formula forms perfectly to the skin for a soft and seamless result. The complexion is preserved from feelings of discomfort or tightening, remaining supple and silky-smooth from the morning through to night. Pigments are specially coated for a color-true effect and the formula absorbs excess oil through the day, for a complexion which always looks and feels fresh.
Teint Resist gives the guarantee of an even, smooth and comfortable complexion hour after hour, giving you the confidence to put your best face forward in every circumstance.'

I have also tried the Estee Lauder Doublewear and have to say in terms of staying power Estee lauder wins, but Doublewear does feel heavier so if you don't like a full heavy coverage I'd say go for YSL. Personally I will continue to have both, I will use my Estee lauder for nights out, very long days ect as you do get a longer wear and if I'm honest the 'heavy' foundation I referred to earlier isn't cakey its just thicker than YSL that's all and I think both give a lovely finish.

YSL gives me a matte finish and stays like that for a good 6 hours before I have to powder my t-zone area. As mentioned before I do have combination oily skin so this I would expect anyway, I haven't yet tried it with a primer but think that with a primer it would be even longer before I need to powder as with other foundations this is the case.

I think YSL are right when they say
Teint Resist gives the guarantee of an even, smooth and comfortable complexion hour after hour, giving you the confidence to put your best face forward in every circumstance.' the foundation is very smooth, even and comfortable and I would recommend it for any skin type!

So yes it is pricey with a price tag of £29.50 at Boots but I always think you should invest in complexion! A good base for make up really makes the difference to the rest of your make up. Make up counters usually give you a tester too if you ask nicely :) so you can try before you buy or they will pop some on you there and then. For me this foundation will become a perm in my make up bag along with many others I will def be sharing with you :)

Any one else tried this before? What are your thoughts? And out of curiosity your skin type too?

Ta ta for now :)


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Just to say Hello there :)

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Thought my first Blog would be best if it was an introduction!

Im currently studying full time and work for Benefit Cosmetics part time. I love spending time with my girlies and just love having a good time really...

So this blog really is just to share my passion for all things make up, hair and beauty. I hope that I find people who will be able to share this passion. I have been into make up since I can honestly remember, I love doing myself up and I love doing other peoples make up and seeing their reactions when I'm finished..

I plan to do plenty of honest reviews on any new products that I buy and any products I already own, and I'm open to suggestions too :)

Can't wait to get started and start getting to know the Blogging world....... Nice to meet you and speak soon...

x x x x x x x
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