Recent Favourites #6

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Since I've been making an effort to stop buying so many different thungs I've been sticking to products longer and growing somewhat of an attachment to them too - I'm clingy that way :) so here's a little list of a few of them recent favorites..

ESPA Foam Bath £18

This was actually in a goodie bag received from the #leedamaymeet in May and I used it almost straight away. It is absolutely gorgeous, the packaging is divine to start with and the product it's self is so luxurious. I won't go too much into detail as I am writing a full product review. But yeah it's a winner for me.

Kheils Skin Rescuer £29.50 30mls

I actually bought this in January and only just ran out. It's a lovely product and a little goes a long way, it is only 30mls which is no different to most creams but yet has lasted me considerably longer. I think I might do a full review of this as it's really lovely and I haven't seen much about it so far.  I also featured this in my Night Routine post here

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage £26.50

Is it any surprise that concealer is on of my recent favorites? I have been using this product a lot recently and because it comes with the darker shade, means I can use it when I've caught the sun (or used fake tan) lol. This has to be one of my favourite concealers, and I'm a bit obsessed with base products. 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture #27 £25

I don't know why but I've found a new love in YSL lipsticks recently. I love the formula, the lasting power and of course, the colour range. Number 27 has been the colour of the month for a few months now lol. If you haven't tried YSL lipsticks before I strongly suggest you look at them if you want a treat, you won't be disappointed I swear. I've included a picture to show the colour.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water £4.99

I know! Total blogger buy or what!? But it was on offer in boots a while back for practically nothing so thought hey what's to lose? Turns out I love it! It's fab for a quick refresh or every now and again when I'm in a rush (to get to bed) I don't use this everyday just every so often and would recommend to anyone whose on the look out to try one - and I've tried all the big name one's too by the way.. This is actually on offer here at boots for £3.99 right now.

Illamasqua Brow Cake in Thunder £15.50

I used to be an avid benefit Browzings fan and I still am - however for every day I've been reaching for this more and more. I find it much quicker and don't bother with a pencil when I'm using this either.

Nars The Multiple in Orgasm £30

How gorgeous is Nars packaging? I love it - although wish it wouldn't get as dirty as it does. Anyway I purchased this as I wanted something quick and easy to plonk on in a rush and this does just the trick. I like this when I'm in a rush as don't need a separate blush, highlighter or brush for that matter! A must have for me. I've added a picture so you can see the gorgeous colour too

Think I'll stop there before I go a little mad on products - this list could have been a lot longer! So what have you been loving lately? 

Siobhan xxx

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  1. Oh, that lipstick is lovely! And that Espa foam bath sounds tempting. Will wait for your review! :)