New In: The Weekly Edit #3

Hey girlies! How is everyone? I'm back at work now after my time off, it goes so quick doesn't it!? Lol... Anyway I'm on my day off today and so far I have spent it watching TOWIE and Mr Selfridge while scoffing loads of chocolate (of course!). In my defence though it's just too cold to go out and jog or whatever lol I can't believe how cold it has got again and therefore I am really looking forward to the weather getting better and warmer :) 

So here is a bit of style inspiration for you...

1. MOTO Crop Sleeveless Shirt £26 - Show off that midriff with this cheeky number :) Cute little top that could be worn loads of different ways.

2. MOTO Teal Cord Pini Dress £42 - On trend fit and flare? Check! This is so sweet not something I would personally wear but I really love it! 

3. Plain Midi Bodycon Dress £28 - I'm sorry but I just love the colour of this dress it screams Summer and would show off a tan so well! Bang on trend and not a bad price too. I will be purchasing.

4. Knitted Stud Shoulder Jumper £42 - Because lets just face it - It's cold! And this is Britain so it probably will be cold at some point even mid Spring!

5. Ditsy Cutout Playsuit £55 - Has a cutout back which is flattering and would look lovely dressed up or down so could get many wears from this outfit :) Wear with big earrings and hair in a big bun for extra va va voom! 

1. PU Pocket Pinafore Dress £39 - This S/S is all about the 60's and this dress is barking up the right tree!

2. Petites Mesh Insert  Bodycon £35 - Nailing the cutout sheer panelling trend with this LBD! I would wear this with a statement lip! Brighter the better!

3. Nude Quilt Rucksack £39 - Fashionable and practical!? Get outta here! ;)

4. Flocked Net Prom Skirt £34 - This is such a girly skirt and would look really romantic and blah on holiday with tanned legs...

5. Peach Super Skinny Jeans £38 - Love this colour and was seen on many a catwalks over LFW

1. Dress £39.99 - This is such a lovely coloured dress and one that could be worn throughout the summer and even before its just so pretty :)

2. Skirt £29.99 - Now I originally saw this skirt on Laura's Buy now, Blog later's blog (you can find her blog here) and thought it looked lush, And so much more expensive than the thirty quid it would set you back to buy it! 

3. Dress £19.99 - This is such a good price for such a bang on trend piece  Think this would work day or night personally!

4. Jacket £29.99 - The website describes this colour as lime green.. Erm it looks like a pale yellow to me but hey anyway I think this is a great Spring jacket to throw on when its feeling a bit nippy.

5. Super Skinny Super Low Jeans £24.99 - What a bargain for these babes! Get them quick as they are selling out fast!

1. Cream Leather Look Panel Pencil Skirt £40 - This designer inspired skirt is so bang on trend and would look fab on a night out with the girls or even just for a few champagne cocktails darling! :)

2. Black Horse Print Backless Swinsuit £20 - This swimsuit really reminds me of the We Are Handsome swimsuits - just without the pricey tag!

3. Light Peach Pleated Midi Skirt £28 - When I first saw this I thought it looked a little bit grannyish (yes I make up my own words every now and again! Lol) but the more I looked the more I loved lol! This would work really well with a lovely white tee!

4. Red Leopard Print Belted Peplum Top £25 - I couldn't stop staring at the colour of this top and think it would look really good, I would just lose the belt personally!

So that's it for now guys! What do you think? Anything taken your fancy too? What is everyone else thinking of buying this Spring/Summer? Or has anyone else been spending recently what did you get? Btw sorry for anyone on a spending ban I know this must be rubbing it your face! :)

Siobhan xxxx

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Review: Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel

I bought this product because I had been suffering from a break out and wanted a 'quick fix'. I didn't care how much it was I just wanted something that I could put on and it would work as quickly as possible. After some research I found this product, it had really great review everywhere from people saying it worked miracles and that some even found it too strong to use every night! I though 'aha! This is perfect'.  I went out and bought it and couldn't wait to get it on my face that night! 

My pictures were taken in evening light by the way so sorry for the poor pictures lol (again!)

What they say

'Recommended for blemished and breakout prone skin. An overnight treatment designed to help clear skin congestion and help prevent future breakouts. A Vitamin B complex of Niacinamide and Biotin combined with Zinc Gluconate, Yeast Extract, Caffeine and Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid soothes aggravation, inhibits over-active sebaceous gland activity and purifies. Rosemary and Spiraea extracts inhibit growth of bacteria while stimulating the skins natural barrier function for clearer, healthier skin. Salicylic Acid sloughs off pore clogging skin cells to inhibit development of further breakouts, while naturally soothing Tea Tree Oil assists in skin rejuvenation. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour'.

For reference I have combination skin that is known to be prone to those pesky breakouts. Damn you skin!

So did it work I hear you ask? Erm in short no, not really. Not enough to warrant the price anyway! I feel this is part my fault for expecting such big things but the reviews were just so good! I noticed slight improvement after using this for a few nights in a row but at the same time these results were not an awful lot different to results seen in lesser priced products. It did however combat the redness of a spot which is a massive bonus! But it just didn't deliver for me. I feel this product for me would work best as a 'maintenance' product. One that would be used every week or so to keep my skin in good condition maybe? That's what I'm using it for at the moment anyway.  It does claim to prevent future breakout and I feel this would be true based on the ingredients, Salicylic Acid is an important ingredient at reducing the possibility of future breakouts and this product contains 2.0% which is a good amount. 

Don't get me wrong I don't think its a bad product, it has all the components to be great with ingredients like Zinc, Vitamin B complex, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid. It just didn't have the amazing total clearing results I wanted so I was a little bit disappointed but never mind as like I say I have now found a use for it :)

So at the moment I am at no rush to go out and repurchase this product, however I wouldn't rule out the possibility in the future if I find this works well at prevention! This product retails for £38.00 for 50mls but you can buy it from look fantastic for £28.00 so that's a great price. This product is part of the MediBac Clearing range that Dermalogica do, so if you have had success with that range then this may well work for you! I don't doubt for a second that it worked for the people with great reviews but unfortunately it wasn't amazing for me.

Has anyone else tried this product? What did you think of it? 

Siobhan xxx

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A Little Thank You Giveaway :)


I was thinking of doing a giveaway for my followers as a way to say thank you for following. Seen as I've hit the 50 mark I think I will do it :) To enter is very simple, Just comment in the box saying you would like to win and your email address and that's it :) I will pick the winner at complete random by using a random number generator thingy and then count down from the first comment which ever number comes out :)

So anyway Thank You for following and here is what you will win:

  • A MAC (or other if you wish) Lipstick of your choice.
  • A MAC Blusher of your choice.
I will email the winner after announcing it on here and twitter and will then email the winner to find out their chosen shades :)

The winner will be chosen on Sunday 3rd March (a week today)

Good Luck 

Siobhan xxxx

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Milan Fashion Week: Max Mara AW13

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Lots of earthy colours were used, like browns, nudes and minks and even mustard. The shapes of the designs were very modest and relaxed - trainers anyone? :) 

The bigger the better was key for this collection and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a big array of oversized coats come AW13 on the high street.. Watch this space!

The make up

Again were are seeing more of a satin finish as opposed to the previous dewy complexions past shows have showcased. The cheeks were left bare with only sharp contouring in place of a strong blusher. The eyes were metallic and shimmering with the colour being drawn all around the eyes, the brows were left natural -  This is such a wearable look ad it's so relaxed and very easily recreated at home. The lips were different shades of nude, with a semi matte to matte finish.

What did you think of the shows? Think you'll be going into AW13 with an oversized coat too :)

Siobhan xxxx

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Milan Fashion Week: Gucci AW13


So Milan Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with Gucci showing off their collection for fall 2013. The collection had a lot of attention to detail and use of different fabrics too. Silk and feathers anyone? Again we saw more of the sheer panelling that I've fallen for :) The collection to me screams power woman, and I love the whole woman wearing the trousers trend! 

Leather was showcased in the collection particularly with other fabrics too to give it a softer edge - although the shiny leather was most popular in this show

The hem lines are longer and more ladylike but the neck lines are low and seductive making sure that the looks are not boring or stuffy.. The handbags shown all oozed luxury and just added to the look!

The make up was vampy eyes with lots of definition! A more matte skin, any highlighted areas were powdered over, lips were nude and barely there actually the same for the eyebrows there were no where to be seen! Not a trend you will see me spotting any time soon I will assure you! The hair was slicked and smoothed away from the face to allow the clothes to do the talking :)

I actually really like this collection more than I expected to actually so I was really pleased - I just love the black jumpsuit with sheer panelling at the front it is just beautiful!

What did you think? Anyone else watching out for the shows? 

Siobhan xxx

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