Milan Fashion Week: Gucci AW13


So Milan Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with Gucci showing off their collection for fall 2013. The collection had a lot of attention to detail and use of different fabrics too. Silk and feathers anyone? Again we saw more of the sheer panelling that I've fallen for :) The collection to me screams power woman, and I love the whole woman wearing the trousers trend! 

Leather was showcased in the collection particularly with other fabrics too to give it a softer edge - although the shiny leather was most popular in this show

The hem lines are longer and more ladylike but the neck lines are low and seductive making sure that the looks are not boring or stuffy.. The handbags shown all oozed luxury and just added to the look!

The make up was vampy eyes with lots of definition! A more matte skin, any highlighted areas were powdered over, lips were nude and barely there actually the same for the eyebrows there were no where to be seen! Not a trend you will see me spotting any time soon I will assure you! The hair was slicked and smoothed away from the face to allow the clothes to do the talking :)

I actually really like this collection more than I expected to actually so I was really pleased - I just love the black jumpsuit with sheer panelling at the front it is just beautiful!

What did you think? Anyone else watching out for the shows? 

Siobhan xxx

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    1. I know I get so taken in by the fashion week that I think I should chill out with the posts sometimes... Lol :)

      S xxxxx


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