London Fashion Week: Topshop Unique AW13

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Of course no posts about #LFW would be complete without the Topshop show! That's the one that got the twitter world all a flutter after all!! Topshop upped their game this year by offering fellow fashionista's to watch live via Google +, be a model with 'Model cam', with google they have also being able to create apps like 'be the buyer' and 'be the creative' allowing people to get a behind the scenes look into Topshop and interact with the brand more. They were completely ahead of the game technology wise compared to any other brand in #LFW by offering all of this and more.

 Topshop Unique aims to appeal to a broader more grown up audience, to those women who think that Topshop is too young for them maybe? It is also there to set the trend for the younger fashion followers too.

On the catwalk we saw plenty of leather fabric and shiny sequins. We also saw a lot of miss matched fabrics like fur and leather and there was also plenty of layering going on here too. I love the fit and flare longer skirts being used in the shows and really love the colours in all the looks.

As you can see from the last picture the satin finish for foundation was once again used, along with nude lips and distinctive eyes. Bright blue was the colour of choice - one colour trend I'm not too happy about as this inst the first time I have seen t recently on the catwalk! I'll have to see what I can do with it! Maybe take to purple rather than blue lol! 

So what did you think of Topshop? Did they deliver for you? I loved it personally...

Siobhan xxxx

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