Review: VO5 Plump it up

VO5 Plump it up
Amplifying blow dry lotion

So I picked this up on offer the other day in Boots (it was on 2 for £5 at the time) and I wasn't expecting much from the product actually, baring in mind that the L'Oreal Professionel range did nothing to add volume to my hair. Now I have fine and flyaway hair that annoys the noodles out of me as it never does what I beg ask of it.

What they say:

'Hair feels thicker with healthy looking body.'
'Calms frizz, static and flyaways.'
'Builds body, holds your style'
'Helps protect hair against the damage caused by heated appliances.'

So did it work? Yes it did, to an extent, don't get me wrong one squirt didn't turn me into Bridget Bardot or anything but it put some life and body into my hair, more so than its predecessors have anyway!

My hair did feel thicker, and it did have more body than usual so it lived up to its first claim. In fact I would even go as far to say I was pleasantly surprised with this little gem. Static and frizz was reduced but I still needed to see to my ends but that's nothing new anyway. It did build body, however I wouldn't say it held my style in any particular way, but I did use hairspray afterwards so it didn't matter to me. The final claim  I couldn't really comment on as I have so far only used it the two times but here's hoping its protecting my tresses from the damage of heat appliances.

And aww bless it even gives you little style tips.... I'm a sucker for packaging. It smells nice too actually, if your not a fan of perfumed things you might not like this so much but I do.

Ooo and its all pretty and pink :) like I say I'm a sucker for packaging, even though it just gets plonked in my lotions and potions basket never to be seen...

This product is worth picking up if you have a similar problem with pesky flyaway hair as me. I cant speak for thicker, courser hair, in all honestly I don't think this would work for thicker hair, the hair might be too heavy, but if you have thick hair already you probably wouldn't be looking for something to thicken it (unless your greedy) so that last sentence was pointless lol... If your looking for a product I would recommend giving this a whirl first. I would buy again based on the results and the price is right :)

Does anyone else have any products that they think might be similar and that works for them? 

Speak soon 

Love Siobhan xxxx

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  1. I really liked this! I also have the Texturising Spray from VO5 and its really great for bigging up the hair when it's dry, and also holding the style! x

    1. Ooo I've never tried that one before! Sounds right up my street though.... Might have to have a nosey at that one.. Thanks chick :) xxxx