Review: Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

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This is an item I regularly re purchase but when I last bought it I thought I'll do a review on this in case anyone else is thinking about getting it. In short. Buy it!

The shade I use is 'Medium Plus' and I am about a MAC NW25 but when I'm tan I use 'Medium Deep'. I honestly can't tell you how much I love this product, it's easy to pop in your handbag for touch ups, great for finishing off your foundation and even looks great on its own for a light coverage look.

In the second picture I've swatched it heavily so that you can see it against my hand. I usually use a large powder brush or sometimes use my MAC stippling brush either way they both give a great finish. I like to 'buff' it into my skin rather than just sweeping it on as I find the finish is nicer that way. 

This product will be perfect with people with a similar skin type as mine - combination oily - but as the finish is more creamy than powdery then I don't see why a drier skin type wouldn't get along with this product. The very driest of skin types might want to try this first as I know some people with very dry skin are a little wary of putting powders on their face. Another bonus for me is that this didn't make me break out (yey). I was a little worried when I first bought this product as previously to this I'd bought a foundation from MAC and broke out from it, so was a little cautious of MAC face products after that, but I shouldn't have worried at all cos it was absolutely fab! You could call it ab fab :)

MSF is £21.00 but it honestly lasts ages and I use it pretty regularly so I would say its worth the price. If you like setting your make up with a pressed powder this one is worth a shot, and if you've got a MAC counter close by, go and try it out. This is for anyone looking for that 'natural matte' finish rather than that awful powdery matte finish (yuck)

I will be showing pictures of this product plus the new foundation that I got at the same time on my face, so that you can see it in action :)


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