I've been naughty and treated myself...


I mentioned last week that me and the Mr were going Christmas shopping at the weekend and of course I had to pick up a few goodies for myself (or let him pick up.......)

Apologies for the awful pictures, I'm having to take pictures on my iphone at the minute cos my boyfriends brothers run off with my camera lead (arghhhh) but he's back this weekend so they should will be better.

But anyway I bought myself this studded shoulder top from Miss Selfridge £37 because I've liked it for ages and actually bought it a while a go and took it back! Lol and then regretted taking it back so now it's forever mine! The other white top from Topshop is just a casual one I thought I'd get just because it was only £16.00 and thought it will do to throw on.

The boots are from Topshop also and I've been looking for some plain Chelsea boots for a while but didn't want anything too high as I have to wear heels everyday for work and wanted my poor feet to have a break.

The Yankee candle is 'Christmas cupcake' and smells good enough to eat mmm its so sweet and sickly I love it! My Boyfriend has the biggest sweet tooth you can imagine and he (surprise, surprise) picked this one.

Then I finally bought the sleep rollers I've been after them for agessss now and just thought get them Siobhan! A full review of them is to follow shortly too.

I also bought a new foundation - Laura Mercier silk creme (eek!) - and my MAC mineralized skin finish that I needed to replenish anyway. I'm really excited to try the Laura Mercier foundation and a full review will be happening once I've had chance to properly test run it and see what I really think. 

So that's everything I picked up for myself on the shopping trip! I really have to stop treating myself, I've told myself that in January I'm on a shopping ban - hmmm we'll see.... On the plus side 've managed to get just about all my Christmas shopping done - just a few more bits and bobs for the boyf and that's it whoop! Has anyone else finished or even started theirs yet?


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  1. Great purchase! I love the miss selfridge top and the chelsea boots! Looking forward to reading your reviews on the Laura Mercier foundation and the Mac mineralised skin finish!
    Rosy x


    1. Aww thanks chick :) I love my boots too in fact I've barely taken them off since this post lol!

      I'll be popping up a review of the foundation shortly with pics wearing both products too and it's fair to say I haven't felt any buyers remorse Whoop! xxxxx