New Years Resolutions 2013

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Happy Christmas! I know that's a bit late now but haven't had chance to post over Christmas - I have been rushed of my feet at work as it's our busiest time of year! I just love the buzz of Christmas though so I'm not complaining. So instead of doing a Christmas post I though I'd do a New Years post and with the New Year in sight I've been thinking about the New Year and what I want to achieve from it. I'm thinking having it wrote down might give me the motivation to actually do them? Here's hoping anyway....

1. Save for a deposit on a house -  Last year one of my resolutions was to save, not for anything in particular but just to save. This year I want to save for something specific and this is something me and my other half have spoken about a lot so it's only logic really.

2. Be more creative - this may seem quite random but I just mean in little doses, like pledging to do a new make up look every day so that every day isn't so everyday. Or instead of just going for a curry on a Friday night do something more spontaneous instead. This also applies to my blog! :)

3. Spend more 'me' time - This year has been my final year at university and its quite fair to say that it's been one tough old year and I'm glad that it's coming to an end! While at uni I wasn't able to spend time doing all the little things like pampering or read a book because i was constantly thinking 'I should be spending this time doing my dissertation/research/assignment/essay/anything else!'. So this year I pledge to spend more time on myself and do the things I like to do more.

4. Spend more time with Friends and Family - while I'm on the subject of spending time doing things for myself I would also like to spend more time with my nearest and dearest too. This year I haven't spent the kind of time that I would have liked to with some people and so in 2013 I'd like to make more time for them.

5. Be more organised - at uni I was organised I knew when things needed to be done and by how much, but since leaving I've become a little bit of a scatter brain!

6. Take more pictures - this is quite an easy one to achieve to be honest, but one I've been telling myself to do for ages! I can go on a whole night out and never take one picture and then I can go to the park and take loads, its weird! Anyway in 2013 I want to take more pictures so that I've always got the memories in pictures. And if not anything else it might get me to be a little bit better at photography!

7. Travel - there has been a few places on my 'must go to' list for a while and want to get them ticked off or at least starting to get them ticked off anyway! :) and some of them are not overseas or even out of my local city, some are just places in Leeds that I've been wanting to go to for a while and never got round to. This year I will. Mark my word :)

8. Stop procrastinating - stop putting off what you can do today tomorrow yada yada! You know the score on this one! I want to tie up all those little jobs, you know?

9. Charity work - There are a few charities close to my heart for personal reasons and this year I want to make more of an effort to do more for them. 

10. Run a marathon - Yes you read that correctly  I want to run a marathon (which kind of links into resolution number 9) before 2012 I hated running and would do anything but running but this year I've found a new love. Running a marathon is something I've really wanted to do but always said I want to be 100% ready to do so. Hopefully 2013 will be my marathon year :) or if not maybe half a marathon......

So there's my New Years resolutions... Some harder to achieve than others but I guess that's the challenge.. I hope I achieve them all

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and Santa completely spoilt everyone :) Has anyone else thought much about their New Years resolutions? 

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