Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks Pregnant

Please ignore my uber stylish gym trainers there ;)
Originally I set up another blog for my pregnancy but with all the fatigue, sickness and full time work it became very hard to keep up with two blogs and as this is my first love this one wins! To be honest I can't believe how quick this pregnancy is going with only 15 weeks until my due date it just seems like a whirl wind! When I found out I was pregnant I was a mere 3 weeks gone and thought it would drag something rotten but it really hasn't. 

So how am I feeling?

Tired! when I got into the 2nd trimester I was promised by all the pregnancy apps and books that fatigue and sickness would magically disappear and I would begin to feel like normal. Well they lied! I am still battling with the tiredness but sickness went around the 19 week mark so that's a bonus.


Up until a few weeks ago I pretty much had no cravings at all. Now I have a list as long as my arm, or maybe I'm just being greedy? But at the moment I could eat Chomps, Boosts, pickled onion crisps, haribo sweets and smoothies all day long. I always hoped I'd be a fruit and veg craving kinda girl, never mind hey!? Hopefully they will get a bit healthier soon? Wishful thinking?

Hows the bump?

The bump is definitely a bump now. Even my belly button is changing which is a bit creepy! I haven't had any strangers come up and feel my belly just yet but working on a make up counter probably means that it will be inevitable as suddenly my body has become public property. The only annoying this when people constantly comment on how big or small they think it is! Having said that I was probably one of these people before I was pregnant too.

I started feeling flutters around the 17 week mark and we both felt baby kicking around 19 weeks and have started seeing the little kicks from around 22 weeks. It's definitely made things all that more real and it's nice that Daddy can feel the kicks now as sometimes I think he felt a little left out of thing before then.

Aches and pains?

I have started getting quite a bit of back pain recently which to be honest I've put down to work as I stand for the best part of the day. Hopefully as I'm getting bigger this wont be as much as a problem as I'll be sitting down more and I have started wearing a back support which has really helped me. I've also had leg cramp pretty bad too, even to the point where it hurt for days afterwards. This always happens in the middle of the night and I end up scaring my boyfriend half to death screaming! Haha ooh the joys!

I've been getting a bit of pain in the pelvis area which my midwife is keeping an eye on and said that it could be something called Pelvis Girdle Pain (PGP) But hopefully not as she said that will get very painful towards the end.

Pink or Blue?

Pink! I was sure the baby was a boy and most people guessed boy so I was so surprised when I was told 'its a girl' either way we are both over the moon. Now we need to decide on names and its not been easy to say the least. 

So that's my little update of my pregnancy! The baby is now around 35 cm long so is getting so big now and weighs around 1.5 lbs to 2 lbs. It's amazing to think just a few months ago she was a little seed and I can't believe how much we love her already. 

How is everyone else? Anyone else expecting in December too?? I'd love to hear about your pregnancy.

Siobhan xxx
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  1. Congratulations! I hope all is well with you and your little girl! I bet your super excited for her arrival!xx

    1. Aww thank you very much for your comment! I am very excited and totally nervous at the same time :) Lol xxx

  2. Congratulations! Hope you had a good time at the #leedsmeetup didn't get chance to say hello so I thought I'd pop over here and say 'hi!' :)

    1. Aww thanks! Hi! No there was loads of people I didn't get the chance to speak to, so I guess next time I will be early and talk more, that's my pledge! Lol x

  3. Aw.. such a lovely bump. :)
    Tiredness will continue I'm afraid and cravings, with me, lasted until the last month and then I went back to normal-ish..
    Congrats on a girl, I don't know if I have already said so, but if not, CONGRATS and happy spending! :)

    1. Thank you Caroline I just cant wait to meet her already! Yeah the tiredness doesn't seem to be going anywhere and it doesn't help that I've been truck down with the flu either! :( sob! lol Almost at my 3rd trimester so on the plus side things have gone quick!