Festival Essentials: A Fashionistas Guide

So it's here, the festival season! No matter where your going there will be some essentials that everyone will need! Hope everyone is taking advantage of the glorious weather the UK has been sporting recently an topping up their tans!? 

Anyway even though I wont be attending any festivals this year I wanted to post as I know loads of you will be. So here are my must have items of choice for any festival goer this year.

Dry shampoo

Any festival girls must! Bastise has always been my dry shampoo of choice! 


Match or clash them with your outfit! Whatever you do wellies are a must at any festival.. You can't go wrong with black ones but if you want some colour then these Hunter and Joules wellies wont go a miss

A cover up

Poncho or shawl will help cover up when the sun goes down. I love this Pink Topshop Kimono £65. This would also look great over a bikini on holiday or with shorts at a BBQ so you would get a few wears out of it too! :)

Statement lashes

Even if you plan on slumming it you can't go wrong with some statement lashes, better than faffing around with mascara and also they won't run down your face when it rains (or you cry!). I love these Shu Uemura Brown feather eyelashes £18.50.


A bit of bling should be on every fashionista festival goers list! Anything goes at festivals so it is a chance to let your wild size out ;)

Topshop £22.50


To shade them peepers from too much sun or to disguise hungover eyes from the night before? Either way I love these babies from Ray-Ban £135.

RAY-BAN Aviator sunglasses

So there you have a few things to tickle your fancy when shopping for any festival this summer :) What are your essentials for the festival season? Thanks for reading :)

Siobhan xxx

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  1. Hey, I love the kimono and the necklace- the kimono is a must-have in this weather!

    I'm following you on bloglovin', would be great if you could follow me back!

    Check out my blog: alljustrosie.blogspot.co.uk/

    Rosie :)

  2. I've been lusting after those ray bans for ages! but I can't justify spending that much on sunglasses when I know i'll end up sitting on them at some point! haha x


    1. Haha I'm usually pretty good with glasses actually! Having said that I have just broke my current glasses so have to wear my contacts instead oops! :) xx

  3. This is so right, dry shampoo 100% and glasses to cover up how tired I always am at festivals! thanks for this, i will come back to it next time i go to one!

    Love Em :) Xxx

  4. Those wellies are such a lovely colour!i would love bright ones like that!:)

    1. I love the little bows! Always Glam and all that :)