Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Dior

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Well, hello there fellow #snowday peeps! Hope everyone else has spent the day in a onsie??? I have anyway! haha... And with my candles lit, a cuppa next to me all day and lots of chocolate... Ah well I dont get another day off for a while now so I'm making the most of it, please dont judge...

Today I've spent the day stalking all the news on Dior's Spring/Summer 13 couture collection. And wow! Did it deleiver!? You bet your onsies it did :)  

 It's fair to say I'm in love! The wedding dresses? Swoon! Not that I'll be able to afford one any time soon like haha! but a girl can dream... Being Raf Simons second show since becoming the creative director for the house, it's fair to say it was certainly anticipated but he has not let down by any means!... I love the 'catwalk' of gardens! I love how it plays homage to Christian Dior himself as he was a great lover of gardens and flowers.... It has to be said, I do have a soft spot for Christian Dior as I used to work for them but still I love the house just the same :)

In case you haven't seen it yet check out some of these pictures....


I am seriously impressed with Simons offerings! Just how exquisite is the detailing? 

Well that's enough of daydreaming of Haute Couture for one day :) Back to the original post I was writing today! Just had to share this wonder... Cant wait for the Chanel show tomorrow morning!

Hope everyone is doing well?? Sorry I have been absent from blogging for a bit I have been fairly busy with work at the moment, due to holidays at work and lack of staff arghhh! But I have two weeks off very soon and I'm sure I'll make up for my absence then :)

Siobhan xxx
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