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I know every man and their dogs do these posts but I just love them! I like to see what people have consistently been using  mainly because I think we all get blinded by the million reviews floating around it's nice to see what actually gets used most regularly...

I've thought long and hard about what I've been using regularly this month and tried to keep it as compressed as possible :) there is some old favourites and some new comers too! I've actually put whether they are new or old products to my collection.

Cliniqiue: Rinse off foaming cleanser -New - This is one I actually got in a Bonus Time free gift but I've been using it this month to remove my make up on an evening and I can say it's been a joy to use and its removes my make up swiftly. 

D & G: 3 L'IMPERATRICE - Old - This is actually my summer time fragrance but I popped it on a few weeks ago, and my boyfriend said 'mmm what's that smell? It reminds me of when we go on holiday' and it just made me smile that the smell could bring back happy memories of us two for him.

Laura Mercier: Silk Creme Foundation - New - This is a new foundation for me and I've been using it pretty regularly but I'm still not 100% sold on this one yet. I like it but I wouldn't say I love it yet.  A full review of this foundation is on its way when I've used it for a bit longer so I can give a proper review of it.

Laura Mercier: Foundation Primer original and oil free formula - Old - I've used Laura Mercier primers for years and can not fault them at all - If your thinking of buying them go for it, you wont be disappointed, they are £28 for 50ml so they are really good value for money.

Ole Henriksen: Truth serum - New- I recently did a review on this product (to see the review click here) and I've continued to us this product and I'm still loving it - If you follow me on twitter you will know that I burnt my face with my curling tong the other day (what a plonker!) and I'm hoping this will help heal the mark left behind (fingers crossed aye!?)

Nars: Orgasm blush - Old - I've had this blush aaaages but always preferred Deep Throat over this one for some reason but recently I've been reaching for it more and think I'm really loving this at the moment, I still have a soft spot for Deep Throat though :). 

Lush: Fresh face masks - Old - I use these all the time and get different ones depending on what my needs are at the time and as my skin has been acting out of character recently these have been my saviour this month.

Right so I think I'll leave it to that before I get carried away with myself  Has anyone else been using any of these products? What do you think of them? What are everyone else's faves?

If you fancy following me on twitter I'm @siobhansparkles by the way..

Siobhan xxx

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  1. The Nars blush looks gorgeous, I've always wanted to try one:) x

    1. Go for it! They won't disappoint I swear! They're my fave blushers hands down :) xxxx